The easiest way to order personalized clothing


LOVIT is your creative online platform for custom clothing that will fit your own style and preferences. We believe that customization is the next level needed in fashion and we are here to make sure that YOU are in control of what you want. Alternatively, you can choose to earn extra income by becoming a LOVIT designer and submitting your designs to have them printed and bought by customers.


Explore our easy to use customizer and make your own personalized clothes. You choose the fabric, you choose the color, you choose the type of clothing and we make sure you get the combination you want with the best possible quality. We guarantee that even if you are looking to buy cheap clothes online, LOVIT is the clothing brand for you.


LOVIT started as a t-shirt company and aimed to be similar to other online clothing stores but we realized that there was no easy way for designers to have their designs reach customers and for customers to truly be in control of what they want to buy. Now, LOVIT aims to be the bridge that will close the gap between these two. We welcome you to join our LOVIT family :)